restaurant software designed for easier use

I would like to focus more on employees

I know that he is going all fine when I am there. But as soon as I put my foot out from the restaurant, often am audible, that the guests receive a smaller portion, or that the waiter badly reckons. From numbers written onto slip of paper really heavy to decide what was the consumption itemized ?!

Inventory quickly, or at least more accurately

We must establish an inventory at least once a month. The most expensive bottle of the beverage are beverages that are impossible to gauge measure. Anyway, go slowly in your inventory, you'll need another one of these to pour a glass of brandy to running out.

How much is why we worked all month?

Annoying, how much time is spent every month to report it to the turnover, accounts and deducting other expenses just to finally find out how much of all this is a benefit. I have enough to do without it, not to mention if you happen to make a mistake I can start all over again. And what comes to mind is the chief Repin consumption, it does not count because it has been hell can not remember them. Of course there is a good accountant, but to wait until a month later tell me some results ... How can you lead such a restaurant?

It's good that they are returning visitors

Many of our guests visit us regularly, which is a fixed monthly income, I want to repay you some discount to them. But how do I know they're really only receive a discount, not the employees' friends and acquaintances?

NO CREDIT, proclaims in a loud voice boards

Or maybe you are? I do not like credit consumers to never give out your debt. I used at least that was my experience. But many times I hear that some well elsewhere but guests will receive credit for consumers. Maybe it could work with us, well of course, is not keeping the head or written on a piece of paper, but also accurately registered so that the guests in several installments
also be able to pay ...

What to do with stagnant periods?

The less busy periods could boost when some food I would give a discount. Perhaps the menu could be stuck stocks cook. A musical event to work anyway surcharge. It is a pity that all this manually is not feasible.

Waiters work simplification

If you violate the order should not always go to the kitchen, but could be sent remotely, it would be much less futkosással, and guests can quickly would receive the food. An individual wishes with such a well-done, no onions, green side dish instead of rice, which are usually requested by our guests in the midst of the largest swimming should also not be a separate walk in. The frequently changing menu items, new employees can easily and checkout megrendelhetné touch of a button, guests can print an itemized list of consumer with the company logo. The next video shows it in 30 seconds:

Remote connections to business

I am the owner and I do not want always to go to the restaurant just to see the weekly turnover or set. Sometimes the administrator's name must look round because of the expenses. It would be best if they can remotely be done to find out ...

Did you know that this is a fully automated
system that will solve all of this for you ...

Imagine what it is like when he is no longer the administration of math and go away with time. When you do not always have to be in there to make everything work. Suffice it to periodically check that the waitress actually punched to guests at the table order. Perhaps a few selected items to compare theoretical set to the actual path. A slave to perform other work, like a machine. Why not spend the time more useful things that will bring money to the kitchen: organizing events, creating new dishes, or just finding the right sources. Sure you to rest?